WH40K: Dark Millenium Online – The Bed Has Been Shit

Cry with me. Let the music wash over you, and always remember. The Emperor protects.

Okay, so THQ’s filing for bankruptcy is not news anymore and we’ve all followed our favorite developers and IPs as they’ve been sold off to other publishers one by one. Space Funky B.O.B followed his star-crossed WWE franchise over to Take-Two Interactive, Dr. Rance Quest Magnum bounced with Volition into the arms of Koch Media as to not miss out on the next Saint’s Row title, I slung my bindle over my shoulder and rode the lonely rails to SEGA where Relic Entertainment and my beloved Warhammer 40K friends were preparing to call home, and nobody gave a bloated turd about Homefront. It’s a sad time, and we just hope that everyone affected lands on their feet and continues to do what they love for the benefit of themselves and all gamers everywhere. Even though Dawn of War II disappointed me so badly that part of my soul actually died the moment I started playing it.


I blew a thousand dollars upgrading my rig for you and you won’t even let me build a base?! YOU WHORE!

The only acquisition that we didn’t hear anything about in all of the news coverage and press releases was Vigil Games intensely anticipated WH40K: Dark Millennium Online, THQ’s WH40K MMO announced in fucking March of 2007. We as a community have been scouring the internet, for FIVE years, for any snippet of information about this game, it’s release, or even just details about the possible playable factions. Warhammer 40K is a big, big universe and both Vigil and THQ came right out of the gate promising probably way more than they could have ever lived up to. We should have been more skeptical.

The first time I saw this trailer, in between pausing every second or so to name the different characters/factions, I literally came and shit myself at the same moment.

A Warhammer 40K MMO was a pretty huge deal but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be, as THQ CEO Brian Farrell eventually came out in March of 2012 (FOR FUCK’S SAKE) and revealed that Dark Millennium was shifting gears and dropping the MMO component entirely. A ton of people really lost their shit over this development and while I completely understand why, I can’t actually say that it was bad news for me. I can’t stand playing MMO’s. They’ve never really been my thing. Oh I guarantee I would have made them my thing in the case of Dark Millennium but if I didn’t have to I was all the more happier.

Little more was ever said after that. Wait. Fuck “little more”, nothing was said after that. In fact, until  Kotaku’s Jason Schrier contacted THQ’s PR department ,back on December 20th of 2012 after THQ had declared bankruptcy, and got this absolutely “What The Fuck?” response, nobody had heard a goddamned thing about the fate of Dark Millennium. I’d post the conversation here, but Schrier reached out and did the legwork. Give his article the hit. Also, check out this blog post by one of the lead writers on the DMO project while it was still in dev as an MMO.


Retarded Imperial Guardsman is watching you Vigil/Whatever’s-Left-Of-THQ.

We as fans don’t really have much left to go on here. We pretty much have to assume that Dark Millenium is dead and gone and just waiting for its own lifeless corpse to be flushed down the shitter. Nobody’s talking and now that developers think they’re all the goddamned CIA and hold every last detail as close to their chests as possible our best recourse as fans is to just keep our gazes straight and move forward. With any luck we still have Dawn of War III and whatever is to come as a follow up to Space Marine to look forward too. You shit the bed on this one Vigil and/or THQ and I don’t care if a few little things like bankruptcy, fiscal desolation, and the utter liquidation of your entire company got in your way, we want our goddamned game. If we can’t get that, at least let us know the damn things been cancelled so we can move on with our miserable, single-minded lives!

250px-Dawn_of_War_box_artdarkcrusade_Box_Artwinter assault_Box_art

No matter what, you bastards can never take these away from me…. fuck Soulstorm.


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