Who Are We?

WeHateVideoGames is a Baltimore-based website that produces commentary on video games both current and past. Our goal isn’t to bring you the breaking news about your favorite systems and games, but to offer straightforward commentaries on aspects of gaming culture that are thought-provoking (and rife with obscenity). The most recent deets are all over the Internet, but there’s only one place where we act like our opinions are facts, and that’s right here.


Dr. Rance Quest Magnum isn’t a real doctor at all. His contributions, posted under rancequest, focus on the gaming experience through discussion of theory in his Theoryblasts columns, and in rehashing some of the more interesting articles and videos about games as ReHates.  Some of his favorite things include Doom, The Guardian Legend, stuffing Knight Rider toys into his rectum, thinking about his sister naked, and holding his bodily waste long enough so even the run to the bathroom becomes a game.  He’s actually really terrible at most games he plays, but he likes to act real tough, like he’s awesome at them.

His e-mail is rancequest[at]wehatevideogames[dot]com, and he can also be followed on Twitter for maximum stupidity.  His personal website is accessible at http://www.rddenton.com, where he talks about writing, failures in writing, and often dissolves into mindless ravings.


SpaceFunkyB.O.B, whose posts appear under the name spacefunkybob, is a “real man.”  We don’t quite get how that works.  B.O.B.’s contributions to WeHateVideoGames include commentaries on the world of gaming as well as the games and faces that make news.  His specialty is the First Impression review, in which he accurately reviews an entire game by playing exactly two hours-worth from the first time the disk hits the drive.  When he’s not collecting and playing new and classic games, he builds theatrical props and likes making fun of children and the mentally handicapped, mostly because they can’t think of a good comeback.

Check out other stuff he hates at his personal blog, hideouspieceofshit.wordpress.com.  You can follow B.O.B. on Twitter @spacefunkybob, and he can be reached by e-mail at spacefunkybob[at]wehatevideogames[dot]com. 


Keith Courage, writing under the name kcourage, doesn’t fuck around when it comes to video games.  When he’s not smothering old women with his ass-cheeks, he can be found scouring the dark recesses of the Internet for remixes of music people aren’t actually interested in hearing. His 8-Bit Shit, Fresh Cutz, and Bomb Trax! columns represent the best (and most of the time, the worst) of video game-related music, from chiptunes to Nintendocore and on.  His time off this website often involves drinking beer, making really ugly faces, or stinking the place up like a good pot full of sauce and garlic water.

Keith Courage can be contacted at keithcourage[at]wehatevideogames[dot]com.